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Why the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important and how companies account for it

Subject(s) : Gold, Silver, Economy

In order to take account not only of economic success but also of social and environmental concerns, companies nowadays frequently publish sustainability reports. Corporate responsibility is strengthened, in the eyes of others, but also in the compan... More »

Will investors in the face of the recent Fintech scandal increasingly turn to tangible investments again?

Subject(s) : Gold, Silver, Economy

Last week a financial scandal shook the stock market world. The German payment service provider Wirecard is not able to find 1.9 billion of its balance sheet any more. The company's shares were not only popular for investors who wanted to benefit fro... More »

Gold on the rise

Subject(s) : Gold, Economy

Gold and other precious metals are considered as refuge investments. In crises such as the current corona pandemic, physical investments are appreciated, both figuratively and literally. The price of gold has risen by around 13 % against the Swiss fr... More »

A market rolling in gold…

Subject(s) : Gold, Economy

  We may observe that over the last century, dropping the gold standard has routinely led to hyperinflation of paper money. GERMANY dropped the system whereby the Mark could be converted into gold in 1914, and printed a great number of ban... More »

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