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Sponsorship Program

Sponsor your acquaintances, relatives, friends or anyone in your circle who is concerned to secure their economic future: an ideal reward for sponsors and protégés!

To all future sponsors, the first time you place an order for one of your protégés, you will receive a credit if it amounts to a minimum 1,000 francs (excl tax):

order at least CHF 1,000: CHF 10 credit
order at least CHF 5,000: CHF 50 credit
CHF 10,000: CHF 100
CHF 50,000: CHF 500
CHF 100,000 or more: CHF 1,000.

Credited to your account, this credit will be for a purchase of metal or the payment of a bill of storage or paid in cash.

BONUS: If you are sponsoring 10 people, you will receive an additional credit of 200 francs. This benefit is valid only if each of your 10 referrals ordered for at least 1'000 francs. This bonus will be paid for every 10 godchildren; thus, if you sponsor 20 people, you will receive 2 x 200 = 400 francs, under the same conditions.

Dear future referrals, we do not forget you, you will enjoy an exceptional advantage on your first order:

Storage of your order offered until 31st december.

If you order between October and December, storage will be available until the end of the current year. Your sponsorship offer will apply for the following year.

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