Credit balance

Save on fees by using credits

Save on fees by using credits

You can send us an "advance", which will be recorded on your customer account, which you can use to pay a future purchase, or storage fees. Sending a large advance to be able to settle multiple invoices over a period of time, avoids multiplying bank transfer fees and also saves time as each amount due is automatically debited from the credit balance.


BENEFICIARY: Euporos SA, Prè-Bois 29, 1215 Genève SUISSE
IBAN CHF: CH13 8057 2000 0094 9710 6
IBAN EURO: CH97 8057 2000 0094 9714 6
BANK CODE: 80572
BANK ADDRESS: Banque Raiffeisen, avenue de la gare 6, 1950 Sion Switzerland

You must choose the option "fees charged to party placing the order" (OUR COST). Indicate your customer number on all bank transfers.