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Why the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important and how companies account for it

Subject(s) : Gold, Silver, Economy

In order to take account not only of economic success but also of social and environmental concerns, companies nowadays frequently publish sustainability reports. Corporate responsibility is strengthened, in the eyes of others, but also in the compan... More »

Will investors in the face of the recent Fintech scandal increasingly turn to tangible investments again?

Subject(s) : Gold, Silver, Economy

Last week a financial scandal shook the stock market world. The German payment service provider Wirecard is not able to find 1.9 billion of its balance sheet any more. The company's shares were not only popular for investors who wanted to benefit fro... More »

The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield

Subject(s) : Silver

“The BEST article written on silver in Ten Years!”- Jason Hommel “Article of the Week” at Silver Bear Cafe The Ultimate FREE Silver Investors Guide. Two of the most common questions I get inside of the Sons of Liberty Acade... More »

The 3 Big Charts I Watch For Silver

Subject(s) : Silver

 I realized very early on that using the dollar as a measuring stick is trick the Elite use to manipulate the masses. Through the insidious process of inflation, the Elite can shift power from us to them. The more money they print the less the d... More »

Where The Price of Silver Is Going and Why

Subject(s) : Silver

 20 good reasons in favor of silver. Although the prognostic of Bix Weir is in our opinion a little too euphoric, his arguments still allow us to expect a sharp rise in prices!   Where The Price of Silver Is Going and Why Nobody should... More »

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