Certificates of authenticity

Certificates of authenticity

A certificate of authenticity is a card listing the products’ main characteristics (weight, mark, purity, provenance, ingot number). It is essential for guaranteeing the authenticity of a product and its origin. It also facilitates the sale.

Another very important aspect, is the plastic packaging which provides effective protection against oxidation and corrosion. This ensures that your ingot or coin will be protected from time and impact.

The certification steps are extensive and secure:

  1. We create the certificate to show the product characteristics (including the ingot number).
  2. We put the certificate and product in a special plastic sleeve and seal it shut.
  3. We then generate a barcode which is unique worldwide and glue it to the sleeve. This guarantees the seal and allows it to be traced.

For all this work, we will charge CHF 10 (excl tax) per product.