About us

The Euporos group

Euporos SA is a company based in Geneva, Switzerland, which specialises in the sale, storage and redemption of silver and gold ingots and investment coins.

The sister company Euporos Investment LTD builds relationships between Euporos SA and professional portfolio managers. Euporos SA can also count on the strong support of the parent company Argentarius Holding LTD.

Although it also offers gold, Euporos SA specialises in silver, which has very strong upward price-potential. See our section "Why Invest?"                 

Euporos (εὔ·πορος) is a Greek adjective meaning rich, ingenious, wealthy.

Euporos SA
World Trade Center II, route de Pré-Bois 29, CP 51
1215 Genève 15 (Suisse)
Tél. : 0041 275 66 66 66
Fax : 0041 275 66 72 73

Limited company created 31 August 2010 (Commercial register Geneva and VAT: CHE-115.945.571)

Chairman of the board: Dr. Jan Schneider

History: The triggering factor was the failure of Lehman Brothers bank. Our founder, an experienced economist, wanted to challenge the house of cards erected with paper money (watch the film Money as Debt). He set up the company in Switzerland, to allow anyone to invest in physical precious metals, outside the fragile banking system.

Our commitments: We are not just sellers, but advisers concerned to protect and foster the wealth of those who put their trust in us. We take the time to inform and advise you, and to optimise your investment. You can count on our discretion.

Furthermore, Euporos SA procures its products directly from foundries whose professionalism is respected worldwide and whose products are regularly inspected by the State. We sell and store only physical metals, allocated by name. From storage to delivery, every step is 100 % insured.

Reliability and compliance: Our irreproachable management is regularly certified by oversight bodies. Learn more...